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[ECON] 2022 People's Bank of China Statement

Press Conference with the Governor of the People's Bank of China 任中国人民银行行长 Yi Gang 易纲 on current monetary and regulatory matters in the People's Republic of China for the year 2022
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
The People's Bank of China (PBOC) is gladdened to announce that the efforts made by the Bank to consolidate financial markets and reign in unproductive credit and the misappropriation in debt lending are seeing bountiful returns. For the 2022 year forecast, we are thus heartened to state that the economy has exponentially preformed to bring growth above 7 percent, beating negative analysis on efforts on the PBOC and government's meaningful reforms to address core structural issues that have threatened the Chinese and global economy.
While we have identified specific measures in relation to consumer demand and business growth, in conjunction with the improving regulatory framework, we foresee promising inflationary movement and are pleased to see an adaptive labour market take hold in overall trends for key benchmarks.
In regards to the current developments in the Banks's stimulus efforts, we shall maintain the current level of market guidance and capital assistance. While we continue this approach, we are constantly assessing the Mainland's capital markets liquidity and should concerns be spotted that identify general overheating, the PBOC is ready to address those concerns and enforce targeted measures.
Now, onto the main elements of the year's statement: the current status on the internationalisation of the Renminbi and policy responses to optimise a favourable environment as well as new guidelines on capital market
The following discussion shall be complimented with the following handout:

The Renminbi - The People's Currency, and Soon the World's?

The Continued Dollar Dominance
Chinese Efforts to Open Up the Renminbi - An Uneven Effort
Making The Cross Across the Riverbed Towards A More Global Renminbi
The PBOC has issued the following in its Guiding Measures to the Chinese Mainland and SAR financial markets:
This new rule will further buoy the offshore Renminbi (“Dim Sum”) bond market and accelerate the pace of Renminbi internationalisation.
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What Causes Volatility in The Canadian Dollar rate?

Just like the seasons, the currency exchange and stock market are the most unpredictable ones in behaviour. You can at least assume and anticipate the rates, the fall and the rise. They are the most unpredictable thing by nature you can ever come across.
There's only so much that one can do with them. You can make forecasts based on the present situation, however, the uncertainty of them coming true is as less and weak as a hair. Well, enough philosophical, isn't it?
Worry not! The discussion about economies can never begin without touching those lines of philosophy. In conclusion-- the economic stature of any currency depends on so many factors that listing them is a big thing.
However, when discussing currencies, one can't ignore some of the most influential and strong currencies... one amongst them that has been maintaining its stance forever since is the Canadian Dollar.
The Saga
Talking about the Canadian Dollar Rate, it should be known that it is the seventh-most traded currency on the Forex market in the world, one can only think that how many institutions and individuals might be trading in CAD.
The Canadian Dollar is also referred to as the Loonie, buck, Huard, and Piastre (in French), it is said to be held as a reserve currency by some central banks for economic purposes. Seeing its popularity, CAD has also come to be known as a commodity currency, due to Canadas’s substantial raw material exports.
It has been ages since the Canadian Dollar is at power with a cumulative market share that’s valued near US$119 billion. The Canadian dollar is a representation of a substantial valuation of the overall world currency markets, and it typically does not experience frequent extremes in pricing volatility as do smaller currencies.
However, there are still periods of time where the inherent volatility that faces any currency may bring perceived stability into question. Further, the situations have brought a change in the mentality of people and their perceiving ability of Canadian Dollar.
The constant fluctuations of the Canadian Dollar rates have brought the traders to a worrisome state. Here are a few reasons behind the constant fluctuations and tumultuous position of the currency. These conditions are based on the historical parameters of the currency since its inception to gaining of the value etc. etc.
Existence as ‘The Floating Currency’
Yes, the Canadian dollar is considered, taken and reserved as a "floating currency" thus, deriving its value from the market that’s open where traders and economically strong people choose the position of the currency. Since its inception, the Canadian government has never dictated about the exact "peg" value of it to any other currency; the CAD pricing performs on the decision of the global currency markets participants, thus, making it as a constantly evolving currency. It is not uncommon for the Canadian dollar's value to fluctuate 5-10% in a single trading session.
The Dependency Factors
Yes, the Canadian dollar's dependency on the pricing hikes and lows of a commodity suggests that the relationship of the international market and their increase and decrease in demand can shuffle the status of CAD distinctly. One such commodity is the pricing of crude oil. For instance, the decline in crude oil price in the international market for the year 2014 to 2015 witnessed the inflation in the overall Canadian economy that was greatly affected.
How to find out the actual rate of the Canadian Dollar?
There are many ways to find out the rates for the Canadian Dollar, however, the best way to find out the most updated and exact rate of CAD is through BookMyForex is an RBI recognized online marketplace that offers Foreign exchange-related services. The updated list of currencies and their rates are shown exactly to the last second update. Simply visit the platform and search through our Money Converter to find out the exact value of any currency of your choice.

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Currency rate prediction by Neural Networks in Matlab

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